Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pictures of Shrinking Fibroids.....Then, and Now

This is the size of my abdomen (fibroid growth) at the time I began Acupuncture (May 18, 2012). Based on the ultrasound test I had had a couple of months before, the fibroids were 16cm big, probably bigger by the time of this picture. The fibroid cluster had begun to grow into my rib cage area.

This pic was taken approximately 60 to 90 days later. My fibroids responded to the Acupuncture treatments very quickly, and the Doctor and I started taking pictures every so often to record the progress. Compared to the first pic, you can begin to see the slight outline of my rib cage here, which meant shrinkage was occurring.


This pic was taken in November of 2012, 7 months after beginning Acupuncture. There is continued shrinkage of then fibroids, however I had to miss some consecutive Acupunture sessions for about 2 months. Instead of going on a weekly basis, I went every two weeks during this period. This slowed down the rate of the shrinkage when I got off the routine.

This pic was taken in early April, 2013. The mountain is turning slowly into a mole hill!


This picture was taken on May 20, 2013, a year and two days after I first began Acupuncture to shrink my fibroids.



  1. Do you know the position of your fibroid?

  2. did u have one large fibroid? great blog :) thank u 4 sharing your experience

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