7 Reasons to Use Acupuncture to Shrink Fibroids

     After being told by a second Gynaecologist that I should have a hysterectomy to resolve the continuing growth of my huge fibroids, I went home and began an intense search on finding out if I had other options to consider. After a few hours, I had found one - Acupuncture! I searched through top rated and highly reviewed Practitioners in my city, and made an appointment with a Certified, highly established Acupuncturist  whose office was 16 minutes away from home. I honestly could not accept that I had to give up my uterus. I wasn't ready....of course who IS ever ready to give up a body part. The more I researched uterine fibroids, the more I saw information that countered the idea of having a hysterectomy as  a way to shrink/get rid of them. Surely removing the uterus would essentially remove the fibroids, but why not just remove the fibroids? Just based on the natural make-up of a fibroid tumor, there was information on herbs and such that could break it down. Why a hysterectomy?

As I have used Acupuncture for the last year to shrink my fibroids, it has been highly successfuI.  I stongly recommend it to anyone to consider as an alternative to having a hysterectomy with respect to fibroids. In addition, here are 7 reasons to use Acupuncture to shrink fibroids: 

1.   Acupuncture allows for me to keep my uterus. This reason was most important to me. After all, even though I don't currently have kids, I would prefer to head into my future with my uterus in the event it does happen. Also, I would prefer to allow my body to do its thing naturally with menopause. I was definitely afraid of the effects a (premature) hysterectomy would have on my system.
2.   The cost of Acupuncture is affordable, and may be picked up by some insurance plans (to my surprise). After 9 months of paying $60 per session, my insurance kicked in. Now, I'm
only responsible for a $20 co-pay. My visits are once-weekly. In the wake of the state of the economy, as well as the extremely high costs of health care, Acupuncture is affordable for the working person, whether you have insurance or not. I was definitely prepared to continue paying $60 every week once I began treatments because the Acupuncture was/is working. It was worth it. Oh, did I mention that I am able to keep my uterus?
3.   Results of fibroid shrinkage occurred within the first two weeks of Acupuncture treatments.  During these first two weeks, it would be evident if Acupuncture could prove to be the route to take in shrinking the fibroids, especially taking into account how huge my fibroids were - 16cm. The fibroids began to soften, then noticeably decrease in size over the last year. Steady shrinkage continues to this day.
4.   The procedure is relaxing, and I have not experienced any adverse affects after my
Acupuncture sessions. I can resume life when I leave the office.

5.   The procedure is non-invasive. Sure, I'm being poked with some big needles, but the Doctor is extremely skilled in the way he locates the acupoints. I may feel a bit of a shock sensation when the needle hits a point (nerves and muscle) when inserted, but it doesn't hurt.

6.   If I had followed two Gynaecologists' advice, I would be en route for a hysterectomy by now. In addition, I would have thousands of dollars in medical debt (on top of current debt).
Most importantly, I would NOT have my uterus.
7.  Acupuncture has been shown to be successful in shrinking my fibroids. They have shrunk up to 75%- 80% after doing Acupuncture for the last year.
     So, for those of you that have been faced with considering a hysterectomy to get rid of your uterine fibroids, know that there ARE alternatives - Acupuncture is one!

P S  Did I mention that I got to keep my uterus? Just checking. :)

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  1. i am going to look into this, but i am pretty sure $360/week is not affordable to all of us...